the elephant leg of the zoo trip was lovely.

watched an elephant continually throw itself into a tub while a keeper washed it off. It was having the time of it’s literal life.

Ellie’s in captivity always make me upset :(

These guys are in pretty great care, it seemed! Lots of open spaces for them to roam! However I also am not aware too much of Ellie’s in captivity. Other than the usual Thai things, circus things, shitty folks that lend em out for training, etc.

Personally I’m not a big fan of elephants in captivity, but when it’s a good facility (like Houston) I’m less inclined to complain for a number of reasons. One, it’s easier to give elephants lots of space than orcas. Two, there have been a LOT of improvements to elephant exhibits just in the past five years alone. So much work going into creating environments that encourage them to move and forage and explore, something you don’t see many places with captive cetaceans doing. Three, elephants are endangered and having a captive population as backup doesn’t hurt.

Agree with everything stated here, basically. :/

I don’t know everything about it and I’ve never been to that zoo, I just know that when I was at the Miami zoo they have a very large exhibit and they still displayed stereotypies. Is the Houston zoo for profit? I think elephants deserve to live in sanctuary type places, but that’s just me! And tbh with all the negative stuff I’ve seen just with captive marine mammals alone, it makes me less inclined to just say “oh, okay that sounds good!” Because it seems like with animals you just never know what they’re telling the truth about. But I think zoos in general are much more worthy than a marine park and by far more educational. They actually speak to you about endangered populations and want to teach you about the natural history of the animals.

No, it is non-profit. It relies on guests, etc. for their profit.

I only see one elephant at this zoo exhibiting the stereotypic ‘swaying’. And I think I literally saw this same one exhibiting it the last time I came as well. All of the other elephants, however, are relatively chill and natural looking. Roaming around as they pleased, and generally looking content when I came and saw them. They were out and about enjoying the rain, and being fed fruit by the keepers. The baby elephant especially was going ape playing with the water, and with his mom who was calmly in the next stall over. In brute honesty? It is far better than most situations I have seen for elephants, and far, FAR better than cruelty situations. This pretty much is a sanctuary type place. honestly (in the previous reblog of this post, I mentioned that some of the elephants came from Have Trunks for Travel, a very unreputable place known for it’s abuse of elephants through cruel training).

It generally did not ring a very unpleasant vibe, to me, as places like Seaworld, and even VanAqua do when I had visited them. I think the only unpleasant “thats not right” vibe I get out of this zoo is with the Sea lion they have, who has a crazy small enclosure close to the entrance of the zoo, and swims round and round continuously. I think he/she probably had the most inadequate inclosure amongst all of the rather adequate ones.

Don’t be mad but…here I go:

First, I read this article on natgeo and check out this animal sanctuary in California! It’s 2,300 acres, includes other animals but I mean, seriously…better than any zoo. (I know the ellies in your photos are Asian, the ones here are African. Still elephants)

Awesome, right? I mean, it’s still captivity but…nothing like what you saw at the Houston Zoo.

{x} a website dedicated to the issues with captive elephants.

As for the Houston Zoo it’s obvious that they have and still are making improvements but I came across this website for elephants in captivity that put them in the list for top 10 worst zoos for elephants three times over the past decade. In the most recent one from 2009 (I know, 5 years ago I know!) It states: “At a time when Asian elephants are struggling to survive in the wild, the Houston Zoo should be sending the public a serious message that instills respect for this highly endangered species. Instead, in December the Houston Zoo chose cheap exploitation, putting a holiday wreath atop the elephant Methai’s head and offering $40 photo sittings with her. Rather than foster respect, the zoo showed that it’s okay to use an elephant as a prop for holiday greeting cards in a shameless photo op more appropriate for a roadside attraction than a major urban zoo. The public wouldn’t be quite so amused if they knew that Methai is subjected to cruel, circus-style training and controlled with a sharp steel bullhook to ensure she “behaves.” This frivolous photo op is even more inappropriate when you consider that the Houston Zoo is a deadly serious place for elephants, being a hot spot for a lethal elephant virus that claimed the lives of six elephants. None of the 14 elephants born at Houston are alive today. This is the Houston Zoo’s third appearance on IDA’s Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list.”

Here’s an article from 2013 with the elephants doing tricks at that zoo:

The elephant painting? I mean, we’ve all (hopefully here in the anti-cap community) have heard about how abusive tactics are used to get them to learn, and if they’re selling these paintings then I mean…Look, you can’t just assume that everything they tell you is the truth. It started in Thailand and they’re extremely cruel and abusive to elephants, they get the animal to do this by using bullhooks, and basically threatening them with violence. People loved it and thought it was so interesting, so they brought that over here. This person claimed to have volunteered in thailand at an elephant “sanctuary” where they practice pajaan and also abused the elephants to get them to learn to paint. Check out this video on youtube of an elephant painting for locals and tourists in Thailand - note the hook behind his back.

If they are having elephants paint at the Houston zoo, and do tricks, then they are not any better than the abusive sanctuaries in Thailand, I’m sorry. You fight to end captivity for orcas, but Elephants are just as intelligent, have extremely strong social and family bonds, and also do not belong in captivity. Here is a list of zoos that have recognized this fact and phased out their elephant exhibits.

Sorry if you think I’m rude for doing this, but it was important.Orcas and elephants are really, really similar and you should treat your views on captive elephants the same way you do killer whales.

Woah.. Holy shit. No, not at all. :/ This is really fucking disgusting.

The tricks. Ugh. I’m so upset. It was just in 2013, too? I can’t even express my state of upset right now.

It’s pretty common for animals to be given training as a form of enrichment, but I didn’t know they used bull hooks… How did they find that out?

The Houston zoo elephant management style is free contact, which means the keeper gets in with the animal with no fences or anything in between them and sadly they need some sort of stick or bullhook to control the animal if they’re going to be in there with them. It’s still considered free contact even if they have chains or harnesses attached to the elephant. Free contact is obviously pretty inhumane and unsafe. Here’s a video (wipes eyes) showing free contact with an elephant at the Milwaukee zoo. It’s old but here you go





If you’re interested, Last Chain On Billie was released a few days ago.


Billie now lives at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Just started this, really hope it blows up!

You guys should check out An Apology For Elephants! (though…

Oh goodness, I can’t watch sad elephant stuff! Especially since Apology was an HBO documentary, it’s probably gonna be real as shit. I’m even having to take breaks all while reading Last Chain, just because it’s so sad (even the happy stuff can be rough, lol). This book really does seem like a DASW for elephants, though. We’re following one animal, Billie, but there are a lot of anecdotes (very sad, but eye opening) about the history of captive elephants. I actually like it more than DASW.

I definitely recommend it for anybody interested in the orca captivity debate, but be warned there will be tears!



What’s Wrong With Captivity?

"The Humane Society of the United States opposes keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, for public display, for shows, because there’s just no way that a facility can provide for these animals. Their environment is so alien to ours that in the end what you end up with, is a sterile environment for them in captivity." - Dr. Naomi Rose, Marine Mammalogist (read more)

It’s unnatural.

  • Wild dolphins can swim over 40 miles per day; killer whales anywhere from 50 to 100 miles per day. They can’t do that in the confines of a small, concrete tank unless you expect them to swim thousands of laps a day. Even in the largest captive facilities, dolphins have access to less than 1/10,000 of 1% (0.000001%) of the space available to them in their natural environment.
  • The ocean is a vast, rich and ever-changing environment - when you remove them and put them in a captive environment with no texture, no complexity, you take away their need to use echolocation - their hearing is their most important sense, and in an empty, barren concrete tank with four walls they have no need to use it. Purposefully and knowingly taking away what comes as second nature to these animals way of life is completely inhumane.
  • Cetaceans in captivity eventually begin to present stereotypical behavior, which is either useless/non-beneficial or self-harming. These behaviors are repetitive, and are believed to be used by the animal in an attempt to relieve anxiety and stress caused by an inadequate environment.
  • Animals that don’t get along also exhibit hyper aggression, and sometimes this results in death. In captivity, they cannot escape their attacker. In the wild they have miles and miles of space to get away.

So much death.

  • The annual mortality rate of captive killer whales is 2.5 times higher than that of their wild counterparts.
  • At least 144 orcas have been taken into captivity from the wild since 1961 (including Pascuala and Morgan).125 of them are now deceased. In total, 159 orcas have died in captivity, not including 30 miscarried or still-born calves.
  • Dolphins are not immune to death from the captive display industry either. While it is now illegal to capture and import wild killer whales/dolphins into the United States, Japan still captures and kills thousand of dolphins in the infamous cove in Taiji every single year. What does this have to do with captivity? They sell numerous dolphins to aquariums around the globe, and the rest are slaughtered. If they didn’t have aquaria to sell to, these hunts would be useless, as they claim to slaughter the rest for meat - which is poisonous and harmful to humans anyway. (Click here to find out who buys Taiji Dolphins, and here to learn more)
  • There has only been 1 killer whale inflicted human injury recorded in the wild, ever. There have been over 100 incidents between killer whales and humans in captivity, as well as 4 human deaths which were caused directly by captive killer whales.

Marine parks like Sea World have zero respect for the social bonds between a mother and her calf.

  • It is a well known fact throughout the scientific community that the majority of killer whales in the wild stay with their mothers and other family members for life. In some populations, should they choose to leave their mother, they always return to her after a short period of time. Many killer whales, (both as young calves shortly after nursing and as young adults) have been removed from their mothers in both the wild and captivity and sent to different parks, without any chance of return. The amount of stress and anxiety this causes to both the calf and the mother is insurmountable, especially because this is completely unnatural and would never happen by choice in the wild. Here is a list of mother/calf separations directly caused by the captive industry.

It’s for profit, and does nothing to benefit wild animals.

  • Sea World Parks and Entertainment is the most successful company of marine parks that display killer whales in the world. They generated $77.4 million dollars in revenue in 2012. Sea World claims to base their business and shows on conservation and rescuing and protecting wild populations of animals. For every million dollars Sea World makes, they only spend $600 dollars on conservation. If you think your ticket is helping wild animals, you are sorely mistaken - that’s roughly 5 cents per ticket. Where’s the rest of the money going? From the look of their tanks, not back to the killer whale habitats.
  • Their scientific research is inaccurate or outdated, and after 50 years they have only produced 50 papers. One paper per year from an institution that has killer whales and dolphins in front of them daily, and claims to be at the forefront of marine mammal research and study? This is unacceptable, and only further proves that marine parks care about one thing, and one thing only: $MONEY$

If you truly care about whales and dolphins, do not buy a ticket, do not take yourself or your family to any marine parks that house these animals. There are so many other amusement parks and fun alternatives to watching highly intelligent, social animals flip for dead fish in a concrete pool. Follow me here as I try my best to expose what really goes on in the daily lives of these helpless victims of a blatantly abusive and cruel commercial experiment.

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special thanks to youresuchatwat for the amazing .gif skills <3

Amazing post!



Isn’t it funny to see antis saying “Don’t buy a ticket” but then “buying a ticket” to collect information from the inside? You’re no different from the procaps you’ve been harassing. You just paid the same price for your ticket.

*user submission ends there, but…

People who want to be mad about this clearly don’t make posts. If they did, they would understand that it’s extremely time consuming to comb through social media platforms for snippets of footage or evidence buried in procap videos/pics. Not only that, but if you try to post something you run the risk of having the person who posted whatever video or picture you’ve blogged about remove the media and your hard work washing down the drain. Now, an anticap is going and bringing us pure unfiltered footage that can be reblogged and shown to neutral people to your heart’s content, and people wanna act like she’s doing something wrong? I mean, you do realize there are actual procaps in the world, right? These people support these parks with much more money and PR and then claim they looooove animals, but Sami’s a hypocrite? Get your life together.


capt-admin asked:

You haven't left the anti-cap community have you? I'm seeing posts and i'm not liking the subject line.

youresuchatwat answered:

I’m keeping the blog up for sources and examples for people to use if they want, I just won’t be making posts anymore.  So, kinda yes and no.



Well that fucking sucks. 
I understand your reasons though (If they are the reasons I can see after a quick blog scroll) and I’m not griping at you for it but I always loved your resourced posts when they appeared on my dash so i’m really sorry to see you stop because damn you can resource :3 Very much enjoyed going through all the links referenced (often ending up in me forgetting to reblog because of the beautiful multitude of tabs… actually would you mind if I queued a few older posts of yours? )

p.s thanks for not deleting the info in this blog is immense.

Ugh. What a huge loss. Honestly you were so eloquent in your takedowns to folks that it’s not quite been the same with you and Sami gone. Hoping that in the future you do reconsider. You offered an intense amount of knowledge and resources to this cause, and that’s fucking valuable. And over time I grew fond of your firmness, despite my initial ambivalence. Sometimes that kind of smack is ultimately needed with some folks. And it proved fruitful as you don’t see many folks challenging people at all anymore now, and it’s kind of upsetting.

Nonetheless, hope what ya choose to do in life proves well for you.

stumpytheorca  I appreciate you’re saying that, I took great pride in my info posts, lol.  But you guys have the SaddlePatch so my blog isn’t the only one out there with resources.  And you can certainly reblog whatever you like!  That’s what it’s there for.  :D  

cute-whales  Thanks, and same to you. :)

(I don’t know how much good my smack attacks did because all the procaps are still out attacking anticaps, even when they’re providing first hand accounts.)  


Anonymous asked:

hi it's sami. thanks for the support midnight, i'll miss parts of the anti community and i'm so happy with all the friends i've made. i was only on for 6 months or so but gained an amazing following and learned so much more than I ever would have w/o tumblr. Im tired of this weird territorial game going on with those hypocritical bitches. detrimental to the cause, they silenced voices and discouraged many new blogs, even though they claim they didn't. drama queens, in need of a reality check. xo

themidnightclub answered:

Why Betheirvoiceseathechange deleted.

Hey, remember that time Sami was super amazeballs everyday? Yeah, ME TOO. Starting discussions, including everybody, sharing posts…Her blog was the shit!